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I want a strong cup of chocolate ice cream and to cuddle in these pillows! I used to enjoy things like this, but I still wouldn’t necessarily be able to rest. But after burning out, rest has become a rhythm for me as I live more intentionally.

Let’s get real: we all have limits. We’re trying to move forward and make a difference. But often we can’t.

Unless we refill.

Unless we rest.

(At least, those of us who’ve learned the hard way do!)

Eight or so years ago I began changing my life to include a rhythm of rest.

Here is a secret: I say “no” to almost everything on Saturdays. (In previous seasons it’s been other days.)

I’m not ashamed that I usually sleep in late, although I’ve been given crap about this. I let my kids binge watch TV or try to arrange sometime without them. I talk with very few people. I pray and write in my journal. I save cleaning for later. We have family movie night with pizza I don’t make.

Sure, this is a luxury. And it can also be a sacrifice too. But at this time, I can’t function without it. It is better for myself, my family and all who I influence for me to take this day to refill.

Creating a rhythm is hard. Chocolate ice cream and pillows might be a nice touch, but it can’t make a new rhythm.

What is one thing that keeps you from taking a day of rest? Or if you have one, what is part of your rhythm?

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