As a coach, I’ve had to learn a lot about mental health to help people move forward.

As an advocate/activist, I’ve had to learn a lot about brokeness and trauma.

As a mom, I’ve had to learn about behaviors, learning disabilities and mental health coping skills.

As a human too, I’ve had to learn how to overcome depression and anxiety.

As a follower of Jesus, I’ve been able to work through triggers, find strength to forgive, through prayer and inner healing.

As a recovering people-pleaser I’ve had to rediscover my identity and boundaries.

As a wife and roommate I’ve had to learn to persevere & walk through hard things.

As a working mom I’ve had to practice mindfulness and aligning over hustle.

As one who has gone through burnout by giving of myself, I’ve had to practice intentional planning in saying “yes” and “no”.

Today is #WorldMentalhealthDay. “Mental Health” is just a way of saying there are things under the surface that affect us.

In what ways are you affected by mental health?