These days there is a lot of talk about using your voice and voting. But there has also been a lot of talk that make some of us feel like we shouldn’t use our voices. And in some spaces there might not be enough talk to make one roar.

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter
Dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion, and
You’re gonna hear me roar!

I vaguely met Katy Perry back when we were in high school. She was trying to make it singing in churches, and at least once we were at the same performance. Perry rebranded and went on to become famous.️

I didn’t.

Katy Perry can sing. I could too, but in retrospect, I am so glad I never became a renown singer.

We All Have A Voice

Competition tells us we have no voice. Or that only one of us has a voice.

But we all have a voice. People of Color (POC) have a voice. And White people have a voice. The oppressed and unoppressed have a voice. The famous person and the girl on the street both have a voice. The working mom and the stay-at-home mom have a voice.

There is a time and a place for your voice to roar. Use it for good. Use it to roar.

A Note For Just Christians on God and Politics

This following post is like a hammer, even up to the end. It puts into words some things I haven’t had words for, or I’ve seen mirrored in conversations among other Christians who have been trying to flesh this out.

I’m sure many, if not all of you, are hearing these conversations too. 

I don’t always agree with John Piper and I have my own biases. I am not sharing this because I think you will share my views either.

Simply, if you follow Jesus, we must regularly be challenging our cultural version of Christianity. Can we follow God in ALL areas of our lives, including politics?

Right now, we followers of Jesus are challenged in “all areas” with an upcoming election. Is there even a way to do this? 

And, each of you have influence in the discussions around you, and might need more equipping to have those conversations well (at least I have). For if there has ever been a time to create authentic spaces to discuss God and politics, it is now. Those in our nation are thirsty for such dangerous conversations. It is a wide, swinging door, ripe for prayer and ripe for witness.

I believe the Spirit is calling us to rise to some of these conversations (even if just in our own homes). If we aren’t listening, we might otherwise avoid them.

We don’t want to run the risk of becoming apathetic or routine in our response to culture and politics. That is dangerous for all who live the Kingdom Life.

I only share this following post as wherever you land, it might challenge and empower you as you respond to what is going on in culture around us:

I don’t have great answers, but I’m willing to talk about it. If you need someone to be real with who won’t bite your head off (and still loves you and God). I’ll do my best.