Voting Matters? Right? Maybe. But here are five reasons to keep voting even when you lose and your candidates lose.

Does Voting Matter?

How many of you feel this way too? Like your vote doesn’t even matter? After all, your vote is a drop among a pool of tens of millions of voters. It’s okay if you question whether your influence on a ballot even makes a difference. I often wonder this myself. But I’ve concluded voting still makes a difference, regardless of who wins. As justice advocates, here are five good reasons to keep voting.

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Five Reasons to Keep Voting

1.) We need this time-bound routine

Voting is a consistent challenge, each year for that Tuesday after the first Monday of November. This requires us to open our eyes to what is going on on a macro-level, when otherwise might not unless it was scheduled. Even if we don’t choose to reevaluate what we believe, we become a little more aware of the world around us.

2.) Our “justice” needs revaluation

However, because as citizens we are asked routinely to become aware of what it going on in our world, it is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate our worldview. Voting requires us to consider the essential elements of what living justly looks like practically. We mature over time and with that, our beliefs which have changed need to be noted. After all, how many of you want to vote like you are eighteen again? Not I!

How do we embody “loving others” at a public/policy level? This alone has convinced me that voting still matters!

(Curious what I mean about loving others through public policy? This is one of the two big ways to simply change the world, talked about at Average Advocate. Check this out to get a better understanding of what I mean.)

3.) We still have some responsibility

Voting concedes that we still have influence and responsibility, no matter how minor, in the sphere of government. Unless our worldviews don’t require us to engage in this responsibility given to us by our nation, voting requires us to not deny that it exists.

I see this is where many people stop believing voting matters. It is easier to say voting doesn’t matter than recognize we are still accountable to our responsibilities of citizenship. They might be minimal, they might be unwanted–but they are still there!

As you probably know, I am follower of Jesus. My belief system leads me to still engage in the world I live in while being part of the “Kingdom of Heaven,” even if it is just for this season while I live in a democratic republic. I might have minor influence here, but between the responsibility my nation asks of me and my faith, stepping up to vote still makes the most sense.

4.) Voting honors advocates

Voting is a way to honor those who have worked hard before us to level the playing field, by giving women, POC, Indigenous People, etc…rights. I don’t want their sacrifice and advocacy to be taken for granted. The policy that gives us the right to vote has permeated so many other parts of society. As a woman, I am feel filled with gratitude for these freedoms when I know other women don’t have this chance. Voting is a way for me to express my thankfulness for those who brought a little bit of “Heaven to earth” through their advocacy.

And only lastly,

5.) Winning and losing can empower us to make a difference

As I wrote about the other week, we are invited to roar, to use our voice. And sometimes, voting might actually bring people into the Office who live justly and carry out good! That is the ideal.

But we all know that our vote might not result in the leaders we want. That is why so many of us become defeatists and cynical. But even when our candidates lose in favor of one that is less worthy, it becomes a good gauge to the state of our community. In fact, it can guide us on how to prepare and position ourselves best to make a difference post-election.

Voting Matters!

Are these reasons enough for you to vote? What about at least to look at the ballot? You tell me. But for me they are enough to keep going to the polls next year.

Any other reasons I missed why you think voting still matters?

P.S. If you’re annoyed with your friends who don’t go to the polls, send this to them. Maybe it will help them see other reasons to engage!

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