Intentional Acts of Kindness

Love checklists? So do I!

If you need ideas to help you start doing spectacularly little--and yet kind--actions that make a difference, this is for you. 

Family Summer Challenge ChecklistChecklists? I love 'em!
5 Phases of Rising UpReady to rise up? See where you are on the journey and find your next step.

Love doing intentional acts of kindness with your family and friends too? Check out this simple action, making kindness signs to change the world! Here are the very simple steps to make a difference in this way.


Bringing a little joy locally by making kindness signs.

Or go on a #KindnessQuest to make your vacation kind, leaving signs as you go. To help give you ideas, be sure to pick up your intentional acts of kindness checklist here!

#KindnessQuest 3.0 Intentional Acts of Kindness
Purpose RoadmapLive a Story Worth Living

If the idea of "purpose" always seemed a little vague to you AND you don't have a lot of time to spare, this is for you!

Purpose Roadmap: Discover A Story Worth Living is a free mini-workbook with seven-destination points to help you intentionally choose what you want to let motivate you in life. This is what I'm hear for, to empower everyday people like you to know where to start in all of life's craziness to begin discovering our best roles (and not burnt-out roles) to change the world. And this is the perfect place to start!