We are half way through May and during my #JusticeDaily IG videos, stories and posts we’ve collected quite a few petitions and social action ideas for current events to step forward in.

Wait–petitions? Some of you might want to click away when I mention signing these, but don’t run away just yet! You might find you want to support some good change! And yes, they can work because your voice matters!

Your Voice Mattered For Refugees!

Speaking of social action, guess what?! One of the action steps I’ve been calling you to participate in–asking the presidential administration to raise the refugee ceiling for 2021–has worked! Just last week they went from bringing in 2050 refugees into the United States (a historic low), to committing to bringing in 60,000 more people! This is amazing, and it reminds us that our voice matters.

Read more on how to take action for refugees and unaccompanied minors here.

But this May there are other petitions and action steps (even if small) that we can take to help the systems we live in to be more just. Let’s take a look!

Child Marriage and Gender Violence

Child Marriage, and gender violence on the rise because of conflict and natural disasters (like COVID). In fact, “During humanitarian emergencies, approximately one in five women experience sexual violence, the occurrence of domestic and intimate partner violence spikes, and child marriage increases as families attempt to cope with economic hardship.”

Right now a bipartisan bill is up, Women and Girls Safe from the Start Act, with the goal of strengthening “coordination among humanitarian responders, hold perpetrators accountable, provide survivor-centered services, and empower girls to be leaders in helping their communities return to normalcy after crisis.” This is a USAID and State Department Program and essentially, they want reporting on gender based violence and funding to not be reduced from the FY18 budget.

I asked my reps here to support the House bill H.R. 571 and Senate bill S. 765. It took less than five minutes through the World Vision Advocacy page.


COVID-19 might be like the flu…or not. Especially when hospitals and emergency care isn’t around, like for most of the world’s global poor. We shouldn’t be surprised that, “around 80 percent of the nearly one billion COVID-19 vaccine shots that have been given were administered in wealthier countries.”

But we are still allowed to be saddened by it.

According to Oxfam International, vaccinating the poorest half of humanity –3.7 billion people– will cost less than what the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies make in four months.

This makes me feel gross. Especially while India and other South Asian countries are barely hanging on. So, I joined the Prince Harry and Princess Meghan (or whatever they are now) to sign their petition urging vaccine makers to be more equitable. It is helpful to have some public clout around this petition, which is the primary influence factor to get this petition to tip to soothe the public opinion.

Note: This isn’t a governmental petition. Nor is it a demand. It is a request for them to use their wealth for good. To be generous. Is there anything wrong with asking someone, let alone a massive corporation to be generous? I can’t think of any negatives to doing this!

Sign this petition here.

In addition, Harry and Meghan are doing one of those matching things, trying to get everyday people (yep, us) to donate $5 for someone else to get vaccinated. The benefit of doing a match is that their money (which they would give away anyway) will reach further (multiplying millions). Donate here and sign their petition here.

Conflicts: Venezuela and Israel/Palestine

There are a few other things happening in the world that are important to note, largely due to politics, wars and disagreements. In addition to the Syrian Civil War and the Northern Triangle, which I’ve talked about here, there are some others.

The first is that Venezuela is in a famine–which is entirely created by inflation, politics and sanctions. Honestly, it sounds like a horrific situation for most everyday people, who have absolutely no power in a governmental system without justice. They can’t really take care of themselves, so any support from humanitarian aid is the difference between life-and-death. I wish I knew of ways that we more sustainable to help with, like job creation or government pressure–but I don’t know of any right now.

But I do know that Preemptive Love is providing encouragement and food right now. They’ve told us that in some places where they work, 75% of families are going hungry! Can you imagine 75% of your city going hungry? And by other commentary of theirs I’ve read–we are talking about days without food–not just less-than-ideal bowls of rice as meals through the day. You can donate here.

Lastly, Israel and Palestine is at war again. From what I can tell, like usual, it is just a powder keg ready to explode: both an Israeli holiday and Islamic holiday being celebrated (and both desiring the same space in Jerusalem). With rocks thrown, a primary mosque raided, 100’s of rockets launched, rockets destroyed and launched back…people killed.

I had the chance to visit these places a little less than a year and a half ago and it is weird to see a war happening on streets in the news I walked on. This is a great post, What Will Keep the Peace… or you can read some of my thoughts on peacemaking in the IG post below. In addition, I am starting another 4-week class on peacemaking if you are interested. Let me know!