What is a refugee? It isn’t always clear, these social issue things, so I thought maybe here and there I will share some of the basics.

“Refugee” is one of those generic terms that encompasses a group of people who leave their homes because of danger. (Additional technical terms are internally displaced people – IDPs – and amnesty seekers). They usually leave because there is a war, no food, someone trying to kill them, etc…

These people leave because they are scared for their lives.

Currently there are almost 71,000,000 people around the globe stuck in this largely traumatic state of limbo. In fact, about 37,000 people a day flee their homes, there are more refugees in the world than any other time in history, and less than 1% of these become resettled (think like .001). If you want more facts, here is a nice and simple infographic.

Have You Met a Refugee?

Do you know any refugees? The ones I’ve met stateside are all kind. One spent his day dying my hair bright red for me. Another served me coffee. Many have processed my payment for gas in my van. Others have shared their (delicious) cooking with us.

I tend to assume we are the same (because we are). We share the same struggles, like raising our kids, paying our bills, laughing over learning new languages.

Then I hear their stories and I wonder how the heck I am talking with a real person who has LIVED that story. Stories like having their friends all put in jail. Being kept in isolation with not enough space to stretch out–for a year. Running the jungle, hiding. Starving on a boat.

These guys are RESILIENT. I feel honored to know them.

Rise Up for Refugees

I’m Elisa, an everyday mom in the suburbs of San Diego. I like to explore and be creative. I care about loving others and justice. And although I don’t feel like I can do a lot about the global refugee crisis, I care. And sometimes I act. If you care, rise up with me. We can act in little ways on behalf of refugees.

Have you met a refugee? If so, tell me about them below in the comments!

Short description of what refugees are for ordinary people