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This wasn’t the baby announcement I had planned.

Many of you know I am in the hospital. A couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with THE DESPICABLE systemic lupus erythematosus, currently attacking my kidneys, subcutaneous lupus, and autoimmune hair loss.

Yet not all of you know that this lupus flare was triggered by pregnancy. I was actually originally admitted for VERY early pre-eclampsia (so early they started doing a lot of digging).

Right now, I am 18 weeks along and baby (boy) is actually doing well. His heart beat is roaring and he’s got all his bones, pieces and parts. I’m told that lots of this baby bump might actually be swelling, but I figured I should take at least ONE baby bump pic for child #4 before I got to the 1/2 way mark! So here it is, in all my exhausted hospital glory. (My husband even got a genuine smile out of me!

Ring the bells! Surprise! We’re pregnant! (Trust me, it was definitely a SURPRISE!)

Maybe when I am more stable, I’ll post a cute, sassy, or traditional baby announcement. But idyllic is just not the way this baby has ever been rollin’, folks. You know what I am grateful for? If Baby Johnston didn’t trigger this horrible lupus flare, we might not have discovered that lupus was stealthily and conspiratorially destroying my kidneys! I need those unattractive bean shaped organs! Providence?

When I expressed this to the nephrologist, he smiled, bemused and shaking his head. He told me I must see the world with a cup half full. I can deal with that. Maybe Baby Johnston is looking out for me. And now we’re all trying to look out for both of us. Or at least someone is (ahem, God), because otherwise there would have already been a tragic end to this story.

But despite being told to expect a hard road ahead (more on that another day), we are praying for joy in the suffering, faith our anchor. And alongside us we’ve been gifted with an incredible team of specialists, a rallying community, and some decent insurance.

So like I said, this is not the baby announcement I was planning on. But here it is. Welcome, Baby Johnston!

Thank you for all your support and prayers! For those looking to help tangibly I think somewhere below on my feed is a meal sign-up that days are added to weekly, as needed

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