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Impostor Syndrome for Changemakers

Impostor Syndrome for Changemakers

Let's talk impostor syndrome. A few months ago I wrote on an index card a truth affirmation to speak over myself. It read, "Even though I am learner, I still know stuff and have experience." It's pretty common to have impostor syndrome--I've written a few articles...

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Make a Difference Sticker & 2022 Reader Survey

Hello you! I've been trying not to hustle too much with work this November with #NoHustleNovember. As I've been going slow, I thought it was a good time to figure out what content you'd like from me at Average Advocate. I might make some big changes based off your...

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Ready for Your Own Adventure?

Purpose RoadmapLive a Story Worth Living

If the idea of "purpose" always seemed a little vague to you or you don't have a lot of time to spare, this is for you!

Purpose Roadmap: Discover A Story Worth Living is a free mini-workbook with seven-destination points to help you intentionally choose what you want to let motivate you in life.