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How One Woman Can Change the World: Justice Daily S3E3

Do you really believe you can change the world? Do you know you have something that matters? We have stories of women who have leveraged what they had to make a difference from the corners of the globe they live in. Humanitarian worker, storyteller, and author Ronne...

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So You Want to Talk About Race?

So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo, has been on my list for a few years, and if I am honest, like most books on racism, it made me feel anxious and uncomfortable to pick up. To my surprise, this book does an excellent job at taking complex ideas and...

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Loving Your Neighbor: Digging and Building Sandcastles

Loving your neighbor has a lot of similarities to digging sand and building sandcastles. I've had a lot of moments by the ocean to think about this recently. I've been going to the beach during or soon after it has rained. (To my surprise, I even got in the local news...

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Ready for Your Own Adventure?

Justice Daily Manifesto

Justice Daily Manifesto

Curious about the intersection between justice and your everday life? This 21-point manifesto is a great starting place to challenge yourself! Mulitple desgins, print your favorite, and begin living daily each day.

You just got your Justice Daily Manifesto! Continue on your journey to practice living justice each day of your life! Find me on socials @averageadvocate and let me know what phase you're in!