It’s almost 1 a.m. and I am just posting now on social media for the day. Very few of you will see this as the hour will cause the gods of Instagram analytics to frown. But I’m here and that’s all that matters. When I just show up it matters.

A lot of us are just doing what we can in this strange pandemic season. But we are still using old metrics to analyze ourselves, as if comparing old to new is a viable unit of measurement. It is not. Put it aside.

Here is a new and worthy measurement: just show up.

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Show up for the day and get out of bed. (Sometimes putting your feet on the floor is the hardest part of the day. That is real and okay.)

Show up by following a routine to remind yourself you are a productive human. (But don’t expect to produce what you used to.) Show up by simply aiming to see and hear what those you are with are sharing (Being present and caring for someone might require giving 10x more than it used to.)

Then show up with grace for yourself. For others. For the world.

This won’t be easy. It seems like it should be, but it won’t because we are different. Our standard must restart at ground level: 1, G,  Lobby. Our measurement is different and that is okay.

But you can do this. Get into the arena and be brave. Today, celebrate just showing up.

Just Show Up brene brown quote

Please share this with someone who you might need you to show up for them. And as always, thanks to the one and only Brené Brown for showing up with a million quote-worthy motivational truths.

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