Through my cracking jar

Old and falling apart

Let light


Breaking past

This crippled man,

My frail humanity

I’ve driven out at dusk and fog

Moving slowly

As the glowing orb falls

Lights taper down away,

Gone to bed

But building up in me

Where I am dead

Radiate through me a raging fire

Heat speaking fluidly

To breathe life into those

Whose lips are pale and blue

Graves don’t need to 

Sting eternally

Cracked outside;

I must give up

I can’t hold inside;

Exploding grief and anger!

Come to me!

I’m overwhelmed…

And frayed and discouraged!

So strengthen me


Sing and comfort

I enter your suffering

Come and hold me sweet

You’re the only thing keeping me…

Tethered to life

Anchored to peace, 

To peace: I follow that cord!

To life

To live: abide in your city!

To hope

And what is hope? 

It is stronger than fear!

Clinging one with you;

I become vessel

A broken jar of clay

filled with your perfume

This little girl standing strong

On the rock of you!

Poetry Elisa Johnston