For years I’ve wanted to try out doing a party with Trades of Hope! They’re known for great team building, teaching entrepreneurship and supporting fair trade artisans around the globe. Honestly, I have been a little skeptical of Trades of Hope too. Are they mutli-level marketers? How do they get their products? Are they really sustainably rising up artisans out of poverty? But after talking with my friend Stephanie–who I met through Blackout Trafficking 2021–I am pretty sure Trades of Hope is artisan fair trade made simple. This is great for us everyday advocates!

Shop here at Trades of Hope.

In addition, Please DM me to be put in a short (30-60 minute) group gathering on Wednesday @7pm PST to hear Stephanie talk about some of the things she loves about Trades of Hope and the artisans who made them! This is low-key, you can put your kids to bed or do your nails while

Trades of Hope Change the World With Shopping

Why I Love Fair Trade

I personally became passionate about fair trade through anti-trafficking work and learning about exploitation! Labor trafficking is a huge issue in the world, in fact, although sex trafficking gets much of our attention, most human trafficking is actually labor related! (Here’s some tips on how to create human trafficking awareness that compels here.) Labor trafficking isn’t just in the service industries, but also in goods–like textiles, minerals, coffee and chocolate. Buying fair trade or directly from artisans is a way to reduce the demand for modern slaves, pay people justly for their work, while alleviating poverty ethically and sustainably.

Interview With Stephanie – Artisan Fair Trade Made Simple

Today I had the chance to interview Stephanie @trade.hope_give.peace about fair trade and being a partner with @tradesofhope 🌿 I love how her passion came out in our conversation! She taught us everyday world changers about the dignity of artisans around the globe and how we can be involved in rising them up!

It was really cool to see how Stephanie talked about the seasons, as average advocates, we go through trying to find our best fit making a difference. Stephanie has learned a lot about social issues–especially extreme poverty, immigration and is learning about human trafficking. With an expertise in business, it isn’t a surprise that eventually all the little actions she’s taken has lead her to being intentional with Trades of Hope. Learn where you are in the Five Phases of Rising Up, too!

Be sure to check these videos out to hear Stephanie’s story and how we can be join her! Unfortunately, we got logged off right at the beginning of our conversation, which is why there are two different videos. Both parts are above!

How Do I Shop Trades of Hope?

In my interview with Stephanie, we invited you to experiment with fair trade by trying it out. This month specifically you can go through Average Advocate’s “party” to buy by from Trades of Hope here. For one, this helps helps me be able to give you more giveaway items! Buying through this link also helps pay for Stephanie’s time and expertise, showing us the inside loops of Trades of Hope and in general, about fair trade.

Overall, purchases gives dignity to these global partners and creates exponential and sustainable change. Need some ideas? You can get your mother-in-law a birthday present! Or if you wear earrings, you can have a pair to remind you that all your products are made by someone, like Stephanie does! Find something by checking out Trades of Hope!

  • If you would like to be part of a 1/2 hour “party” in July where Stephanie showcases and talks about some of these products and the artisans who make them, contact me here. (Should be fun!)
  • If you are interested in hosting a party too or becoming a partner, let me know so I can introduce you to Stephanie!

Is Trades of Hope and Multi-Level Marketing Company?

As I know there are people out there wondering, I thought I would get all the details on this! Trades of Hope is not a multi-level marketing company (MLC). Like most places we shop, Trades of Hope is a direct store, just this company doesn’t have a storefront (think Albertson’s or Nordstrom’s online). Stephanie is considered her own shop, and as all businesses do, she does make a profit. But unlike many stores, the Trades of Hope artisans are fairly paid too! Win-win! True, Stephanie does get paid minimally more when she leads others, training them and creating a business team to expand her Trades of Hope store, but unlike multi-level marketing, this isn’t based on enrollment. Feel free to ask any other questions about this, and I will get you the answers!

Shop Trades of Hope Here!

Everyday people can change the world simply with their super-power as a consumer! Where else have you gone Fair Trade shopping? Let me know in the comments!

Want more information about fair trade? Go here for more content on Average Advocate about it!

Again, please DM me to be put in a short (30-60 minute) group “party” on Wednesday 7pm PS to hear Stephanie talk about some of the things she loves about Trades of Hope and the artisans who made them!