For followers of Jesus, our prayers are amiss if we forget others. So often our prayers are for our own needs, our own intimacy, our own pursuit and healing. These are good. Then, often our next prayers are for those in our community. Our family and the ones we love and care about deeply. These are good.

And yet, there is a third area that deserves equal attention: The world. The Psalms and books of prophets are riddled with lament because of injustices. Jesus himself modeled weeping in compassion. He asked us to pray for workers to be sent forth and so much of what he talked about was bringing his kingdom to the world–not a theocracy nor Christian Nationalism. His dream was that his followers would live like him and follow his teaching so deeply the very norms of society would change. It is a prayer to live missionally. This is a prayer that reflects this passion.

Prayer to Be and Be Sent:

Jesus, my good God.

Make me like you.

Empower me to minister like you.

Give me your wisdom to know when to challenge others,

And when not to.

Help me to know when to invite, being relational,

And when to recognize when someone is not a person of peace.

I pray that you will help me to be a light in the darkness.

Joy in the suffering.

Peace in the hustle.

Faith for the hopeless.

Grace for the legalistic.

Justice for the oppressed.

That I will be beauty in the burnt,

Destroyed areas of colorless ash.

Let me be love for the unloved.

Let me be patience in the rush.

An anchor in mental illness.

Kindness in a culture of offense.

Goodness in a discouraged world.

That self-control and contentment

Will mark me as yours.

Jesus, Ruler of Peace,

I surrender to your call.

I will be of your kingdom of priests!

I will mediate!

I will minister before your throne

While being a city of your governance

On a mountain top.

I am of your chosen people!

I am your set apart nation.

Empower me to be yourself,

Full of faith, might

Boldness and bravery

While alive in this world.

Oh Son of Heaven,

Son of earth,

Let me look like you,

Be like you,

See your likeness in others

Imageo Dei.

Send me,

And I will move.

Equip me,

Along with all your saints,

To go into all the world.

Empower us to make disciples of all the nations.

I pray that we will build your Church,

Be your Church.

Set me apart as a living stone

To form your body

And not forget the

Commission and calling

You have placed for us,

Never leaving us to do it alone.

You are with us always,

All the way to the end.


Prayer pray to be sent
Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash


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