Yosemite is closed. So are many National Parks across the country. During NAtional Park week, this breaks our hearts a little.

Last summer, on our #KindnessQuest (yes, I rocked this awesome shirt) Rhonda the Honda chugged up through mountain passes. Cliffs fell around us. Wild country greeted us. We arrived late and missed the usual bustle. But we still left our mark of intentional acts of kindness behind. All who would pass could see and smile.

The next day, we returned, but to the other side of Yosemite. (But only after doing the most difficult act of kindness for me ever! I chose to go back and be kind to hotel managers, even though I had to leave there in the middle of the night–my car full of sleeping kids–read that story here.)¬†On this new day we hiked to a swinging bridge. We cooled in the river and rested like lizards on granite rock. And since, all year, my kids have been begging me to go back.

Elisa and Megan at Yosemite National Park West

We love to explore and adventure in these wild places. I am not super physically fit. I seem incapable of arriving in a timely manner anywhere. There is always a disaster or two (or three) on the way. But I can explore with my kids and make our vacations kind. Our #KindnessQuests become amazing adventures, and often they go through National Parks.

This summer, we aren’t sure if we can go on one because of COVID-19. We are hoping. But in the meantime we just dream. National Parks, I can‚Äôt wait until you reopen! In the meantime, I hope all the bears enjoy their peace!

Going to the mountains is going home

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