Now, I could talk about fireworks and freedom, diversity and beauty, or even making a difference in our homes by leading our families.

I’m don’t feel like making a wise point, though. I just like colors and smearing paint. This summer, we have a massive list of family challenges to complete to keep us together and make us feel like we accomplished something. This is one of them and we did it!

If you want your own copy, just go here to the free resources I made you and download it after you put in your email! (But then you can personally tell me what you added to YOUR own family challenge to make it more awesome and perfect for your peoples.)

Family Summer Challenge Checklist

I was’t going to share our Summer Family Challenges though, as it didn’t seem like it was too much about changing the world. And then I remembered living intentionally in our homes and with our kids is making a difference in the world! (However, not all of my family’s ended up on the list–I took out some more of the personal ones we were doing before I designed and uploaded it.) I did, however, make sure there were a few ideas that change the world externally on there too. Definitely doable!

So far, the most fun Family Challenge we’ve done on our list is catching a crab. But this one, of hair dye was the most crazy and messy. It looked like blood was everywhere and the color didn’t even stick! My fingers still look like bloody crescents.

Family Challenge Hool Aid Hair dye
Kool-Aid Hair Dye Challenge (#fail)

What’s on the Family Summer Challenges Checklist?

Unsurprisingly, based on the kids in my home, we have:

  • Make
  • Body
  • Performing arts
  • Outdoor-fun
  • Indoor-fun
  • Design
  • Explore
  • Love Others Challenges to make the world better, too!

Again, get it here: Summer Family Challenges

Kids Character Challenge

Speaking of family challenges, if you want a  unique set of challenges geared for parents and kids to help you raise world changers, the Kids Character Challenge is for you! These weekly actions and mantras are simple ways to teach your kids to love others and live justly. Go grab a copy here! I think it will make you feel empowered!

Logo Kids Character Challenge